While the world has become ever more connected with the number of social networks and ways to communicate increasing every day, the ability to share contact information in the real world has not kept pace with online communities. Fliq uses magic to send contact information between two phones or devices, without WiFi or cell data, instantly.



While Fliq focused on offering a magical connection to people, it’s brand and usability was suffering. The new logo was inspired by Fliq’s ability to gather all of your connected information and send it to a new friend in an instant. The colors in the logo represent those of different apps, such as Snapchat, Facebook, Spotify, Youtube etc., with white in the middle, representing Fliq. The logotype was inspired by the motion of flicking something, connection, and the combination of a F and L.


Connect–Faster, Easier, Instantly

Fliq scans for users, you decide what to send and what to receive.


Connect-Via SMS


Deliverables + Role

Logo, Style Guide, User Flow, UX Design, Visual Design, Specs

Design Lead. Freelance project. Cofounders include Rob Thelan (CEO) and Orestis Lykouropoulos (Techincal). 2016.


Tech Stars Audience Favorite 2017