Silk Diaries


Renegade Craft Fair

Every once in awhile, you’re lucky enough to read a truly honest, heartfelt, and inspiring story about an individual’s journey to finding his or her purpose. Kylee Barnard, founder of Silk Diaries, gave us an open and beautiful look into her life and how she got into natural dyes and silk.


Design Crush

I’m 100% behind what Silk Diaries is creating, especially during these harrowing times. They’re hand-dyeing silk as a self-soother for stress and anxiety to empower women in the workplace. Their most recent collection, Good Intentions, is 100% Habotai silk that’s botanically dyed with various plants, fruits, vegetables, tree barks, and cochineal (a tiny bug on the cactus flower, once thought to be as valuable as gold!).


Slow North

Allow us to introduce you to Kylee Barnard, founder of Silk Diaries. Kylee is a true creative and total boss babe. Her compassion and drive behind Silk Diaries is truly inspiring, and we hope your heart is warmed as much as ours was as we read her story. 


Movers and Makers

The hand-dyed, ethically-made silks (and the empowering mission behind them) come from founder Kylee Barnard — an artistic entrepreneur with a genuine story and a heartfelt message for women.