Kylee Barnard

Wilde Creative Resource Center

Wilde Creative Resource Center

Wilde is a fictional creative resource center that provides our members with the most inspiring space to work and access to an exclusive app to get feedback/help from other professional creatives. The voice of the brand was inspired by the book Where The Wild Things Are. The book is an accurate representation of how vital it is to have and utilize your imagination. This idea of imagination was paired with the creative process and the importance of doodling/sketching, failure, and iteration. The brand features hand drawn doodles (sourced from real creatives), brightly colored glitch design elements, and a serif word mark to contrast playfulness with professionalism. The all encompassing idea was to create an unpretentious, inspiring and playful work environment that encourages multidisciplinary collaboration, curiosity and fast failure. The space is open 24/7 in downtown Austin, Texas with collaborative and solo work spaces offering up creative necessities for designers, ranging from Wacom tablets to sound booths to wood workshops. The space houses an outdoor music venue, allowing creatives to step away from projects and relax to music, or gain inspiration through a Ted Talk.


Student Project. 2016.

Awards_SCAD Secession Finalist